Junior Colleges

Junior Colleges


MoralBasicJunior College,Warangal

GovernmentJunior College, Thorur,Warangal

GovernmentJunior College, Hanumkonda,Warangal

GovernmentJunior College, Eturnagaram,Warangal

A.B.V. Jr.College, Janagaon

A.P.R.Jr.College (St) For Boys, Nekkonda

A.P.R.Jr.College For Girls, Hasanparthy

A.P.S.W.Jr.College For Boys, Janagaon

A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Boys, Ghanpur

A.P.S.W.R. Jr.College For Girls, Hanumakonda

A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Boys, Mulugu

A.P.S.W.R.Jr.College For Girls, Parkal

A.P.T.W.R.Jr. College, Eturunagaram

A.V.V.Jr.College, Warangal

Adarsha Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Andhra Balika Jr.College, Warangal

Bala Vidya Jyothi Junior College, Cherial

Bhadrakali Jr.College, Warangal

C.K.M.A & S College, Warangal

Chaitanya Jr.College, Janagaon

D.D.Jr.College, Dornakal

Dr.M.R.Reddy Jr.College, Parkal

Ekasila Jr.College, Janagaon

Ekasila Jr.College, Thorrur

Excellent Jr.College, Mahabubabad

Gangotri Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Gautami Co-Op.Jr.College For Girls, Janagaon

Geetanjali Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Govt. Jr. College, Dharmasagar

Govt. Jr. College, Shyampet

Govt. Jr.College For Boys, Mahabubabad

Govt. Jr.College For Girls, Mahabubabad

Govt. Jr.College For Girls, Narsampet

Govt. Jr.College For Girls, Warangal

Govt. Jr.College, Cherial

Govt. Jr.College, Eturunagaram

Govt. Jr.College, Ghanpur

Govt. Jr.College, Govindaraopet

Govt. Jr.College, Janagaon

Govt. Jr.College, Kesamudram

Govt. Jr.College, Maripeda

Govt. Jr.College, Mulugu

Govt. Jr.College, Narsampet

Govt. Jr.College, Nellikuduru

Govt. Jr.College, Parkal

Govt. Jr.College, Thorrur

Govt. Jr.College, Warangal

Govt. Jr.College, Wardhannapet

Govt. Pengali Women’s Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Govt.Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Govt.Jr.College, Sangam

Hindu Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Islamia Jr.College, Warangal

J.M.J. Jr.College For Girls, Dharmasagar

K.G..Jr.College, Narsampet

K.N.R.Jr.College, Warangal

Kakatiya Jr.College For Girls, Hanumakonda

Lalbahadur College, Warangal

Learners Land Jr.College, Warangal

M.P.Jr.College, Warangal

Mahathi Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Mahatma Jr.College, Thorrur

Maheswara Jr.College, Narsampet

Manjeera Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Margadarshi Jr.College, Warangal

Model Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Moral Basic Jr.College, Nallabelli

Nagarjuna Co-Op.Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Nagarjuna Co-Op.Jr.College, Hasanparthy

Nalanda Co-Op.Jr.College, Geesugonda

Nava Vignanabharathi Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Padmavathi Jr.College For Women, Warangal

Pothana Co-Op.Jr.College, Palakurthy

Pothana Jr.College, Warangal

Prathaparudra Jr.College, Hanamkonda

Preston Jr.College, Janagaon

Priyadarshini Jr.College, Hanumakonda

R.D. Co-Op.Jr.College, Hanumakonda

R.D.R.Memorial Jr.College, Maripeda

Railway Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Rajarshi Jr.College, Warangal

S.D.H.P.P. Co-Op.Jr.College, Nekkonda

S.N.Jr.College, Hanumakonda

S.R.Jr.College, Hanumakonda

S.V.S Jr.College, Hanumakonda

S.V.S.Junior College (G), Hanumakonda

Sadhana Jr.College, Hanamkonda

Sahiti Jr.College, Parkal

Sai Ram Girls Junior College, Thorrur

Samatha Co-Op.Jr.College, Ghanpur

Samatha Junior College (G), Thorrur

Samikya Jr.College, Mahabubabad

Shanthiniketan Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Siddartha Junior College, Bhupalapally

Sneha Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Sravanthi Jr.College, Parkal

Sri Arunodaya Jr.College, Hanamkonda

Sri Aurobindo Jr.College, Kesamudram

Sri Guru Sandreananda Junior College, Cherial

Sri Kakatiya Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Sri Raghavendra Jr.College, Warangal

Sri Sravanthi Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Sri Vijetha Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Srujana Jr.College, Hanumakonda

St.Ann’s Jr.College For Girls, Hanumakonda

St.Joseph’s Girls Jr.College, Hanumakonda

St.Mary’s Jr.College, Janagaon

Suryanalanda Jr.College, Maddur

Vasavi Mahila Junior College, Mahabubabad Vidyabhivardhini Jr.College, Thorrur

Vidyaniketan Jr.College, Dharmasagar

Vidyaranya Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Vignanabharathi Jr.College, Mahabubabad

Vijayabharathi Jr.College, Hanumakonda

Vivekananda Co-Op.Jr.College, Parkal

Vivekananda Jr.College, Warangal

Vyasa Co-Op.Jr.College, Janagaon

Wesley Jr.College, Hanumakonda

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